"Matrimonial and family law is our only business at Mangi & Graham."


Our Most Frequently Asked Questions Over the last three decades, Nassau County family law attorneys Robert C. Mangi and James Graham have been asked thousands of questions by concerned clients about a variety of family law issues. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Q. How long will it take to finish my case?
A. Reasonable question, tough to answer. In family court, administrative rules call for cases to be resolved within six months of filing. There are many exceptions to this rule, but it is at least a guideline. A divorce in Supreme Court, depending on the complexity of the issues, may take nine months to a year to complete. Of course, reasonable parties who wish to settle their case can do so much more quickly.

Q. How much will my case cost?
A. Another reasonable but difficult question. Family law attorneys begin a case with a retainer against which you are charged an hourly rate. In family court, retainers generally run anywhere from $1,500 to $7,500. A divorce retainer will require a payment of $5,000 at least, with many in the $7,500 range. Each case is different. Good, experienced matrimonial lawyers in Nassau County generally charge between $375 and$500 per hour. Searching for the “cheapest” attorney in town may be the worse decision you ever make.

Q. What are my chances of success?
A. A good attorney will carefully develop the facts with you at your intake or interview. Family law is a complex area containing many statutory provisions and a huge body of case law. At Mangi & Graham, we will give you an honest and direct answer to this question.

Q. Will I be dealing with you, or will I be handed over to a young associate once I sign up?
A. Easy question. Robert C. Mangi and James Graham, Jr. are partners with many years of experience in all areas of family law. We personally handle all aspects of your case, including court appearances.

Q. Will my phone calls be returned promptly?
A. Yes. We strive to call you back the day of your call. In addition, we are available by email at all times.

Q. How often am I billed?
A. You will receive a statement every 30-60 days showing money paid and fees earned.

Q. What if I dispute some of the charges?
A. If you have a good faith objection or even a question about charges, you can speak to our billing department. If you are not completely satisfied with your response, you may come in to discuss the matter, at no charge with one of the partners.

Q. How is the retainer and subsequent charges paid?
A. Generally by check, cash, or credit card.

Q. Is there a charge for the initial consultation?
A. We provide a 45-minute consultation at no charge.

Q. Where can I find your brochure?
A. You can find it here.

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