Marriage in New York State subjects the parties to a set of financial rules and realities.  Real estate, business interests, pensions and other assets become part of the economic partnership called marriage.  Many people planning a marriage wish to place certain assets outside the designation of “joint assets.”  This can be done in a pre-nup by defining and excluding certain items from the joint asset mix.  Pensions and business interests are two such assets.

The New York Family Court Act allows paternity proceedings to be initiated until a person is 21 years of age. According to Matter of Shondel, a person in doubt about whether he is the father of a child must request a DNA test prior to assuming the role of a father. Otherwise, he may be precluded from doing so in the future if it is not within the “best interest of the child”. In addition, a woman seeking to have a partner take a DNA test after a father-child relationship is already established may be precluded from doing so, if it will negatively impact the child.  

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