In the course of a custody proceeding, many issues may be brought to the table.  It is not uncommon for one spouse to make accusations of drug and alcohol use of the other spouse, regardless of the extent of the use.  Whether you are bringing the use to the attention of the judge, or you are facing accusations, it is important to understand how this may affect the proceedings.

Typically, discussions about family law revolve around families where both parents are presumed to be married and the children are either descended from at least one of the parents or adopted. However, with unmarried cohabitation growing increasingly common, the rights of parents whose children were born out of wedlock has become more relevant than ever. In particular, the rights of unmarried fathers are of importance, as fathers do not necessarily have the same rights they would have if their children were born while they were married to the mother of their children.

In the absence of surrender, abandonment, persisting neglect, unfitness or other like extraordinary circumstances, a parent may not be denied custody.¹  The right of a parent to raise his or her own child is a fundamental right subject to the protection of the Due Process...

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