Singer Jailed for Nonpayment of Child Support

CBS Chicagoreported that singer R. Kelly spent three days in jail in Cook County, Illinois for failing to pay $161,000 in overdue child support payments.

On March 9, Kelly was released from jail after it was reported an anonymous donor came up with the money, but Darrell Johnson, the singer’s spokesperson, told the station “friends and family” pulled the money together. 

As part of the agreement from the 2009 divorce from his wife, Kelly is required to pay his former spouse $21,000 a month for child support. Johnson claimed Kelly is unable to pay since he has not released any new music or toured since being dropped by his record label. Further, Kelly cannot sell his residence in Trump Tower because he is renting it and he does not own any liquid assets, according to Johnson. 

On March 13, Kelly sent a request to the judge to lower the payments, but the judge refused. Johnson said the payments are unnecessary because his two oldest children are over the age of 18 (they are 21 and 20) and the youngest child turns 18 this year. “None of it makes sense,” Johnson said to CBS Chicago.

Kelly is due back in court on May 8.

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