Visitation-Parenting Time

Visitation, now known as “parenting time” is a right that belongs to the child as well as to the non-custodial parent. Limiting a parents’ parenting time should only be done upon good cause. Denial of a parent’s right to visit with his children is a drastic remedy only to be imposed where there are compelling reasons. Abuse or neglect of the child would be one such reason. When divorcing parties are unable to agree on parenting time, a hearing must be held on the issue. In order to be meaningful, visitation must be regular and frequent. A parenting schedule should include holiday and school recess visits. Mangi & Graham can assist you in drafting a comprehensive parenting schedule to protect your interest and those of your child.

Robert Mangi and James Graham have many years of experience drafting, editing, reviewing and enforcing such agreements. Sometimes, existing agreements must be modified as circumstances change. Such modification can be done by written agreement, or, if necessary at trial. Visitation issues can be resolved in Family Court or in Supreme Court. In either case, the court has a solemn duty to determine such issues in accordance with the best interests of your children.

Your time with your child is too valuable to place in the hands of inexperienced counsel. Call Mangi & Graham for a free consultation.

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