Author: On behalf of Mangi and Graham

Grandparents Rights in New York Law

The breakup of a family by death, divorce or desertion can have a very negative impact on the children. Sometimes the children are used as pawns and the parents having control will show their hostility by depriving the other parent

New Access To Orders of Protection by Cohabiting And Dating Partners

In 2008, The New York legislature amended Section 812 of the Family Court Act to include classes of persons previously excluded from its protection. For the past 10 years or so, the family court and criminal court have enjoyed concurrent

Visitation-Parenting Time

Visitation, now known as “parenting time” is a right that belongs to the child as well as to the non-custodial parent. Limiting a parents’ parenting time should only be done upon good cause. Denial of a parent’s right to visit

Final, But Not Necessarily Permanent – Modifying a Custody Order

A party seeking to modify a prior order of custody must demonstrate sufficient change in circumstances to warrant an alteration of the existing custody arrangement, and that such alteration is in the child’s best interest.  Only when a substantial change

Termination of Parental Rights

In the absence of surrender, abandonment, persisting neglect, unfitness or other like extraordinary circumstances, a parent may not be denied custody.¹  The right of a parent to raise his or her own child is a fundamental right subject to the